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Registration for Experts

By registering at CROSSINDEX Corp. as Experts, you can apply for jobs in the following fields. We have worked with over 14,000 registered experts who live both inside and outside of Japan.

  • Language & Technical fields: Interpreters, translators, proofreaders, audio-typists, narrators, language training instructors, multilingual web developers, SEO specialists, editors/ designers/ and DTP specialists.
  • At Events: Booth staff at exhibition, shows/ events, models, entertainers, or screen casts, extras.
  • Research fields: International-based researches (including desk researchers, interviewers, and street survey staff), moderators, and recruiters.
  • Logistic fields: Local coordinators, someone who make appointments (those who make contacts with local agencies/ governments).

Those who have skills in the fields above (language experts, professional researchers, moderators, coordinators, etc.) are encouraged to register with our company. The city or country of residence does not matter when these experts are trying to register at CROSSINDEX corp

Registration Form for Experts

Registration for Survey Participants

CROSSINDEX Corp. is looking for survey participants around the world. We have worked with more than 14 million survey participants, including those who registered with our alliance companies internationally. We provide our survey participants with the chance to work as part of studies by both governments and private companies on the globe through online surveys, focused group interviews, central location testing, etc.

Registration Form for Survey Participants

Registration for Business Partners

CROSSINDEX Corp. seeks business partners both inside and outside of Japan in the following fields. We have worked with over 420 alliance companies enrolled as our business partners at many locations around the globe.

  • Language & Technical fields: Translation agencies, interpretation agencies, production agencies, creative Web agencies, SEO agencies, and audio-typing-specialized agencies.
  • Research fields: Research and Consulting companies and research-panel-holding companies.
  • Business firms: law firms and accounting offices.
  • Logistic fields: Coordination agencies

Registration Form for Business Partners

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