Credit Investigation

International Credit Investigation

In relation to international credit investigation, CROSSINDEX offers a one-stop service of all kinds of work. We are capable of offering investigation service of enterprises and individuals’ credit history, e.g. basic corporate profile, for example, payment history. etc, at the time of business relationships with companies and individuals in Asia, including Japan.

The first step of credit investigation is to collect data from database owned by foreign credit investigation companies. The collected data should be translated in appropriate language. Also, the data may not be up to date and accurate. We use own method of evaluating corporations and individuals, with the related materials, interviews, observations, and inquiries.

The pre-credit investigation is effective for avoiding problems caused by deferred payment and sudden bankruptcy of counterparty.

Since the number of foreign staff employed by companies as well as the international marriages have increased recently, we would recommend that companies at least carry out personal credit investigation as a measure of precaution. This would minimize the risk of getting into unexpected criminal activities.

We are dedicated to offer international credit investigation, translation and interpretation services to clients’ overseas-business departments as well as overseas subsidiaries for supporting global businesses.

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