Search Engine Optimization

International Search Engine Optimization

It is common that the search engine site is the first page on the Internet for web surfers to visit. A website must be on the top list of a “search result”, otherwise it is just a site to pass through, which does not generate hits.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is important for getting dominant ranking in search engine result at Google, Yahoo (YST) and other search engines.
Suppose, a website is easily cached by search engine, due to indexing/ robots, there must be higher popularity and recognition on the web. From a business perspective, this is effective to promote market publicity and obtain market penetration for launching new products and services, increasing customers’ queries, requesting quotations and boosting sales volume as a result.

■CROSSINDEX’s strong points:
To explore the Japanese market as well as the markets of other Asian countries, webpage localization intended for a specific area in Asia is crucial. The localization of languages, simply translating languages into Japanese or other Asian languages is not enough. To avoid this and to make it stand out as the top of search results, SEO should take place to create web pages that adhere to the culture, customs and the characteristics of languages of the certain area.

The CROSSINDEX’s search engine optimization service includes translating multilingual search engine SEO optimization into local languages.

Provided by SEO experts of CROSSINDEX, we offer multilingual web localization, which is to create website based on local cultures, customs, and the characteristics of local languages. Our local experts of targeted countries are ready to meet our customers’ criteria to provide satisfactory service.

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