Making Appointment

Making Appointment Service

■Procedures of Overseas Interviews:
To substantiate the information collected for marketing and sales at the maximum level, it is necessary to discuss with government agencies or to negotiate with distributors, etc.

It is time-consuming to make appointments and setting up meetings with candidate companies, especially under these circumstances of different business cultures in overseas.

By taking customers’ request into consideration, consultants with international experience at CROSSINDEX will get in touch with local contacts and list up target companies and make appointments with them.

The procedure takes to consider client’s requests, explore mutual interests of involved companies, approve meeting agenda and establish communication with the target companies.

■Relationship with Interviewees
CROSSINDEX’s local coordinators in Asian countries are well experienced in their professional work. By making full use of communication channels and networks with local governments and private enterprises throughout Asia including Japan, CROSSINDEX’s local coordinators arrange interviews effectively with target entities.

In addition, many of our coordinators also work as interpreters and create positive atmosphere in meeting settings.

■Performance Records
CROSSINDEX has a good track record of setting up successful interviews with government organizations, industrial associations and private enterprises in Japan and other Asian countries. CROSSINDEX is proud of our achievements for having served customers in many countries in the past.

Setting up a successful interview requires experience and knowledge.
Our company has been successful and confident in proving that our experts are talented and they can provide smooth interview arrangement services for our customers. We have received positive feedbacks from our clients, including manufacturers to think tanks; they have been satisfied with our appointment- arrangement services and often come back again.

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